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I need rough estimate plumbing for new hose + HVAC 2 zone AC + Gas Furnace

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How much to install a built in dishwasher? The new kitchenaid model would replace the existing 2009 samsung model.

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Plumbing - Plumbing Questions
1.20 How do you get a contractor's best price up front?

Q. Typical scenario: I get 3 bids to fix something in my house (roof, trim, A/C, plumbing, whatever). I pick a capable contractor based on their price (If I trust their knowledge and experience). Later one of the other bidding contractors calls me. I tell them I chose another capable contractor with a lower price. THEN they offer to lower their price to make me choose them instead. I want them to give me THAT lower price up front.

A. Tell each contractor right at the beginning that you are getting more than one bid. This may prompt them to give you their "competitive" bid up front. Most contractors assume this anyway, and give the best price they can. A lot of contractors don't give the lower bid because they may not think you are getting more bids on the job, or that you are ill-informed, and they want to make as much as they can. And remember......you get what you pay for. A contractor willing to lower his bid may also lower the quality of work.

1.20 What is the simple way to get plumbing permit on my garage?

Q. I added 3 plumbing fixtures to my garage without permit but didn't finish yet. I need to sell my house so I would like to stop working on plumbing and get the inspection. Can I just cap the pipes? Or do I need to remove pipes from the garage? Or Do I have to remove all pipes from the basement I installed?

A. Just apply for it & will get

1.20 Is hot water plumbing connected to the toilet plumbing?

Q. I have a problem. I always flush my cig butts down the toilet and now there is a plumbing problem in my apt building. They will be turning off the hot water for repairs. Will It get traced back to me?

A. Only cold water it routed to the toilet. Flushing drains the water to the sewage pipe. Hot or cold bears nothing to this, its all sewage.

1.20 Where can I purchase a plumbing tool?

Q. I have a regular snake type of plumbing tool, is there something similar but electric and not too pricy? yes i know i know home depot has it.... but is there any other place...?

A. Home depo

1.20 Which website can direct me to Hale Plumbing Services or Sale Plumbing?


A. Try TWF the website is www.twflimited.com They are very reliable and do a really good job. The price is really good too. Hope this is a help.

1.20 How much will it cost to put plumbing into a barn?

Q. For a school project we have to design a horse barn and I need to figure out an estimate for plumbing costs. Does anyone have any ideas about how much it would cost to install a simple plumbing system from a well to a barn. I don't need an exact number, just a ballpark estimate. Thanks

A. $10,000.00

1.20 Legal Advice or plumbing advice?

Q. OK. I purchased my house in 2006 (Maryland) AS IS. I have been working on updating the home and appliances since then andI purchased a home warranty. Last year, my daughter's bathroom had a leak. I called the home warranty company and they sent out a plumber from a local plumbing company. The plumbers came (2 of them) and came up with my daughter's tub needed to be caulked. I knew that was not the issue since the tub was not in use at the time of the leak. So they left and informed the warranty company. Two weeks later my home flooded because of the same issue in my daughter's bathroom and again the tub was not in use. So I called the warranty place and they call the same plumbers out. This time they said she had a fracture in the bowl and replaced the toilet. This weekend, my home flooded again 10 times worst than before. I called a local plumbing company who came out and told me the toilet (which was a $40 Mancessa toilet was sub par and had a crack in the toilet tank, which caused the flood. I paid $700 for the plumber to install a Gerber Viper. My home, furniture and hard wood floors are all ruined (3 levels). I called the insurance company who sent out a team to manage the water damage. Each day we are conducting meter readings and my home is still wet. The water damage compaby said they will need to pull up all the flooring, My insurance company told me the $700 spent for a new toilet does not reduce my $1000 deductible. My insurance company cleaned the 1st flood and I made them aware of what the plumber I haired wrote on the invoice regarding why the flood happened. I called the home warranty compnay who told me to contact the plumbers who is licensed with their own insurance. The woman who answere the phone at the plumbing company contracted by the warranty company immediatley took offense and was very rude. She would not transfer the call to anyone else for me to talk to. So far, I have not been able to pay my mortgage (1st time late) dealing with this issue. I am missing time from work coming out every day for moisture readings. vistis from the adjuster, and constant calls to the warranty place. I have missed a lot of time and gas dealing with this problem not to mention the thousands of dollars of damage, late fees and stress What should my next steps be? Who is responsible (plumbers or warranty company? What type of attorney do I need? Any other advice you can give? Thanks

A. File a complaint with the State Plumbing Board $700 for a toilet , wow , it better have a heated seat the macessas are horrible

1.20 Unpaid balance?

Q. My father has requested me to repair two rental properties of his that were extensivly damaged inside & out. He has paid for 95% of Materials which is all good, However since i have completed the jobs one has been rented the other awaits to be occupied. he has paid me $1,100.00 for both rentals and there was never a set price. I was thinking another $1,000.00 would be a respectful amount for all the repairs, such as removing all left behind debri's, 100% Interior Painting, Sub Floor Patch work, Drywall, Plumbing fixture installation (Toilet), Vanitys, Vinyl Bath Floor covering(1), Water Heater installation(1), Electrical Fixture Installation (Several) and various Maintenance & other repairs. I asked him for a few hundred dollars & he said all the work is done and that he has allready paid me up to date. I am really upset with this and in my eyes another $1,000.00 is not unreasonable to say the least. what should i say or do, he is my father but..............???????

A. Even from relatives, get things in writing. Now learn by your mistake and don't let this happen again.

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